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Lifestyle Training sounds a little funny, and it is a bit of a different approach. Instead of focusing on perfect sits, downs and tricks, we train the things that are most useful in your life.

Pet Sitting

Leaving your pet at home can be heart breaking. We make it a bit easier. We will address all your pets’ needs while providing fun and learning. They will be snuggled and loved until you are home to give them lovins. We will tug on those heart stings, just a bit, to send pictures of your happy, healthy, pets with every visit.

Distance Training and Consulting

If you live outside Virginia Beach and Norfolk Virginia, we may very well still be able to help! Thanks to the magic of video streaming, we can set a date and time for an online video conference. We will go over all the same things we would in our Lifestyle Training and Consulting, without a long trip involved.

Dogs about town Classes

As part of our commitment to Lifestyle Training, we want to help you have more fun on outings with your pets. We meet at local breweries, parks, the hardware store, etc. and focus on the behaviors we want to see in those settings.

Super Sniffer Walk

With The Barkside, all walks are private walks. We believe in giving dogs the time they need to sniff, roll around and just be a dog. We believe that these walks are safer and more beneficial for the pets we love. Each walk visit is about 30 minutes.

Pet life management consulting

Strange title, great program. Do you have a bunch of friends coming over next week for a BBQ and are worried that the fur kids will get too excited and door dart? Does Fido counter surf every time you leave the house? Sadie keeps slipping out under the back fence or barks incessantly when in the yard? Is Milo the kitty constantly being annoyed by Otis the dog who doesn’t understand its not ALWAYS play time? These are just a few of the move common daily problems we encounter. Schedule a Pet Life Management Consult with us and we can come up with concrete ways to manage the problem until a more thorough training program can take effect.

Barkside Petsitting is fabulous! Diane takes superior care of my 4 senior dogs when I am out of town. My dogs used to get very stressed when being boarded and now we don’t do anything else but use Barkside Petsitting. Highly recommend!
— Cody, Cady, Cali and Tulip

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Each 45 minute training session will start with one question. What behavior are you looking to get from your dog. From there we will come up with a plan and play some games to make learning fun and rewarding for you and your pet.


super sniffer walk

During a 30 minute Super Sniffer Walk visit, We let dogs be dogs. They can roll, sniff, play and experience the world with all their senses.




Pet Sitting

While you are away from your home, we will come to your house, play with pets, give them kisses, meals and meds. We can also bring in the mail, rotate lights and blinds, take the trash out, and even water a few extra plants at no extra charge. Our standard visit time is 30 minutes, but do offer 60 minute visits for houses with many pets or those who need some extra people time.


Pet Life management Consultation

Each 30 minute session will come up with a game plan to solve a problematic scenario in your life with your pet. This wont focus on training as much as creative solutions for issues that need an immediate resolution. We always recommend further training to enhance your daily life with your pets.




Distance training and consulting

30 minute sessions for problems away from our home base. If you live outside Norfolk and Virginia Beach, we’d be happy to do an online consult.


Out and About classes

Our out and about classes are small groups that focus on behavior outside of the typical controlled environment of training facilities and your home. The natural atmosphere provides plenty of distractions to really evolve your pets abilities.



about us

The Barkside was formed from a desire for a better life for our pets. We use science based techniques to give your family members the best care possible. When pet sitting, this includes one on one attention with learning games and exceptional attention to every detail and adapted for all types of pets. For daily sniff walks, we follow your dogs’ desires. The information they learn through taking their time to sniff has been shown to increase confidence and decrease stress related behaviors. In training, we follow a lifestyle based approach. We train for the situations your pets will face most in life. Using positive training methods, we ensure your life with pets is fun and rewarding with lessons that stick.

When your pets are in our care, The Barkside creates a fun and loving environment for them to flourish. Every pet is special and appreciated for who they are.

Special needs are not a problem and we are not “just for dogs.” We love seeing all animals. Among our current star clientele we have kitties, rabbits, guinea pigs, exotic fish, snails, beautiful frogs, stunning birds and more! We can help with feeding, medication, leash reactivity and anything else that is needed.

To make every pet parent feel at ease while away, we use a high tech scheduling and messaging system. Our online systems make scheduling changes easy, provide you with confirmation at your fingertips, and have all your pets information at ours. No matter where you are in the world, its easy to see the pictures we’ve taken of your pets and the visit updates to let you know how they are doing. Even if you’re just at work for the day.


happy clients

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Ready to get started or have some more questions first? Send us a message. We will be happy to set up a time that works for you to answer any questions. The next step is to get you set up in our online scheduling and messaging system. We even have an app!