4th of July Pet Safety

4th of July Pet Safety Is Easy If You Think Ahead!

The 4th of July is a ton of fun for us but is incredibly stressful for our pets. There are lots of people around, loud noises, tons of strange smells, and lots of drinking.
This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to pets. More pets are lost on the 4th of July weekend than any other time of year.

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While all of the items mentioned in the infographics above are good, there are a lot more things you can do to help your pets.

The best thing you can do for your pets is keep them at home and inside. –

Ok so you’re at home enjoying a barbecue in the yard.  Your friends are around and everyone is having a great time.  There’s music, games, drinks and of course the food.  The 4th of July is great fun for you but Fido might see things differently.  – It’s hot, people are acting funny and are unpredictable (alcohol), its loud, there’s lots of yummy food to eat, and no place to retreat and be on their own when it becomes too much.

Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Awesome Things To Distract From The Craziness

Throw out a few frozen Kongs before you leave.  Maybe get them some new amazing toys.  Check out our friends’ post at Lab Med for some ideas.

Give Them Plenty Of Safe Spaces

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs and everyone else need a safe quiet place to call their own.  If your bed is where they go when they are stressed, make sure the door is open.  If you have a fear pee-er like me, put a mattress protector over your bed as a precaution. But make sure that safe space is available.  While cleaning up pee is never fun, you’ll come home to a lot more destruction if the one place they feel ok is beyond their reach.

If your dog was crate trained and you still have the crate but they don’t use in anymore, leave some t-shirts from the hamper in there and the door open.  Take one extra step and throw a large towel or blanket over it.  Even if they don’t use it regularly they might find comfort from it this weekend.

Encourage Calm

Play soft music or use your Alexa to play rain sounds to help drown out some of the booms.  I also love putting some essential oils in a diffuser.  The lavender is calming and makes the air smell fresh and clean without a gross perfume-y scent.

Don’t Let Them Eat The Yummy People Food!

Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are some many fatty delicious foods that can land your pet at the vet.  Don’t let them have access to the area and tell friends not to feed them people food.  Set out a small bin of kibble or biscuity treats for friends and family to give your pets without giving them a belly ache.  This serves a double purpose of teaching them that life is good when there are lots of people around.

Make An Appointment With The Vet

Some pets are so traumatized by the antics of their people or their neighbors, that even all of the above will have them cowering and shaking.  If you’re pet is particularly anxious and scared talk to your vet.  There are medications that can help them get through this tough time.

If you have any questions about a particular situation you’re dreading for your pets this holiday or any other day, send us a message!

Other than that have an AMAZING 4TH OF JULY!  It’s a great day to celebrate!