Why we don’t do pack walks

We’ve all seen the pictures online of walkers with a massive pack of dogs. The walkers look confident and it’s pretty cool to see that many dogs walking in sync together. They also post about how lucrative it is to walk 10 dogs are $15 each.

So why do we insist on single family walks? There are a few reasons. Some are logistical, some for safety, and really for the dogs’ enjoyment.

Safety first

Any time is see that many dogs together, I am worried. The walkers say it’s all about “pack mentality”, being the “alpha” and asserting “dominance”. Any good trainer will tell you, this pack theory has been disproven (1). I have also seen to many times to count, dogs even in the same family, break out into a fight during a walk. When a fight breaks out with that many animals, the results can be deadly. There is no way for a single person to break up that many animals.

Its Just Not Fun For the dogs

People always laugh when I bring this up, but what happens when someone needs to poop? One of the main reasons people hire us is to give their dogs a potty break while they are at work for along periods of time. How can a pup slow stop to do his business when 3 or more other dogs are still charging ahead? How does the walker even see the signs that the dog needs to go?

We pride ourselves on sniff walks for dogs because we know how beneficial they are for stress management, mental activity, confidence and general well being. Dogs on a pack walk are forced to keep trudging ahead and are unable to explore the way dogs should.

We want the best for the animals we love

All of these reasons and more are why we just don’t feel that pack walks are the best option for our clients. At the end of the day we love them and want the very best for them.

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Diane OKeefe